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Now available for 2024: NewModeWheel is a streamlined version of the original ModeWheel freeware music app for Windows & macOS. Both display a rotating wheel to identify any mode of the four common families of Western diatonic scales in any key. This new version is designed for musicians who prefer a simpler and more responsive interface, without the more elaborate features provided to introduce music students to the concept of modes and how these can be employed in basic chord progressions.

ModeWheel was inspired by Danish jazz musician Oliver Prehn, who designed the print-based tool upon which this interactive mode wheel is based. It was with his kind permission that I was able to adapt and elaborate this template in a computer-friendly format. I encourage you to visit his superb YouTube lessons — all of which are available via his website at . His very sensitive, supportive, and simple approach is intended to encourage everyone that it is possible to enjoy making music at any level of expertise.

If you are new to the concept of modes, the Why Modes? page on this website provides a short introduction to how and why these can introduce new color into our compositions and improvisations. And of course Oliver Prehn’s own YouTube lessons demonstrate their use in actual practice.

Here is a screenshot of the NewModeWheel window, which opens to display the first (Ionian) mode of the Major (Church) family of scales in the key of C:

Screenshot of NewModeWheel app

The original ModeWheel window opens to the same mode, but includes many additional elements, as detailed on the Features page of this website:

Screenshot of original ModeWheel app

Both versions are available as free anonymous downloads from the Downloads page of this website as secure Windows and macOS installers.

I welcome your comments and questions via the Contact page of this website.