From the Author …

As a child I learned to play piano just well enough to entertain myself, with no formal instruction in music theory. As an adult, I cobbled together a career as a clinical psychologist, university instructor, graphic designer, and freelance computer programmer — perhaps an odd combination, yet all as much art as science — that sadly left little time for music.

Now retired, I was inspired by musician Oliver Prehn’s superb YouTube lessons — all of which are available via his website — to dust off my decades-old synth keyboards. I wrote the ModeWheel — and more recently NewModeWheel — Win/Mac apps as a more convenient alternative to his original cardboard tool for identifying the modes of musical scales. In gratitude to Oliver, I have made these available as freeware to everyone who follow his lessons. Hope you find these as helpful as I have in mastering these scales and how these can be incorporated into chord progressions.

Although both versions of ModeWheel are copyrighted applications, these may be downloaded anonymously from this website and used entirely free of charge, subject only to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) published on this website.

I welcome comments and questions via either the Contact page or email. It is no longer possible for me to add new features (owing to the recent increase in the cost of renewing security signing-certificates). Still, please consider sharing a link to this website with others — and especially with music instructors and their students — who might be interested in learning more about scales and modes.

Enjoy making music!

jeff k