Privacy Policy

This website,, is owned and managed solely by it its author, Jeffrey M. Kunka, Ph.D. It was created as a subdomain of the author’s website ( for the purpose of publicizing and making available for download his music-related software. It was designed as simply as possible to ensure the privacy of its visitors.

Does this website employ cookies? This website does not use cookies, nor does it employ any WordPress features — e.g., logins or comments — that install either temporary or persistent cookies onto a visitor’s computer or mobile device. Moreover, the website employs no third-party additions to the basic WordPress installation that employ cookies.

Does this website collect any personal data? This website employs no third-party analytics software, so the identity and activity of visitors to the website remain entirely anonymous. Visitors may browse the website anonymously and are never asked to provide any personal information even when downloading the software application distributed via this website.

What about email contact information? For the convenience of visitors who wish to contact the author, the email form on the Contact page employs a third-party WordPress plugin that routes the message to the mailbox dedicated to this website. A scan of the Contact page indicates that this plugin employs no cookies.

Of course, any email submitted via this contact form does include the sender’s email address along with the content of the message, but this is needed only to enable the author to reply to questions and comments. This information is used for no other purpose, and all such email correspondence will be deleted immediately upon request.

How are voluntary donations handled? Although a small one-time donation to support the development of the freeware application provided on this website is very much appreciated, this is not a condition for the right to download and use that software. (It simply helps to defray the costs associated with maintaining and making it available to everyone.) The secure Paypal donation option is unfortunately not entirely anonymous — apparently the receipt always includes an email address — but I promise not to retain any record of the identity of any contributor.

I truly welcome your feedback and the opportunity to thank you personally for your support. Still, please employ the Contact page to post any feedback, so I know for sure that you have approved my replying to your email address.

Other questions? Please contact me via the Contact page or via the following email address: